Volume 2 - Issue 6- June - 2019
Sr. No. Title/Author Description Page No. Paper
1 Investigating the Impact of Kahoot! on Students’ Engagement, Motivation, and Learning Outcomes: Ifrane Directorate as a case study by Yassine BENHADJ, Mohammed El MESSAOUDI and Abdelhamid NFISSI This paper shapes the landscape of an empirical research study on applying gamification to education. The study investigated students’ instructional journey capitalizing on a game built around a student response system, called Kahoot! [Often cited as a descendant of “Personal Response Systems” (PRSs)]. The study targeted 97 students, aged between 16 and 18 years old (54 male and 43 female) belonging to three 2nd year baccalaureate classes at an EFL class in a public senior high school in Ifrane Directorate, Fes-Meknes Academy, Morocco. Data were collected using a survey whose reliability was tested. Quantitative data were statistically analyzed using descriptive statistics. The main goal of this study was to find out the impact of Kahoot! on engagement, motivation, learning outcomes, and attitudes towards ICT integration in future learning experiences. The research revealed that a large proportion of students were generally positive about ICT use in class practices, in general, and Kahoot! in particular. The findings are consistent with those of Plump and LaRosa (2017) and Wang (2015) which came to the conclusion that students’ motivation, engagement, and learning outcomes can be enhanced through game-based response systems, citing Kahoot! as a case in point. 01 - 08 Download Paper
2 Role of Social Environment in Maintaining National and International Peace by Dr. Sushma Singh & Er. Himani Priya The present paper explains the role of social, geographical and political environments which could be responsible within and among the countries to maintained peace. Learning’s from the first and second world war, sufferings of developing countries due to the colonization in the past. Social factors include; religion, equality, caste, gender sensitization, etc. and how different governments can play a vital role to maintain peace and as well as the role of corporate sector and NGO (Non-Government Organisation) working. Social media can also play a major role. Geographical factors, the role of developing and developed countries for underdeveloped countries. And also explains about natural resources and their distribution. In international efforts it discusses international peace day, the role of UN (United Nations) and its allies, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) and peacekeeping force. International courts of justice and human rights commission and other regional agencies. International relations, terrorism are the key areas which will be explored for reasons for conflicts and for the possible solutions. Contribution of the education sector, tourism, and international trade will be analyzing for the promotion of values and peace. Present scenario in context of terror attacks and nuclear deals with reference to the incidents of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, WTO (World Trade Organisation) attack and role of Islamic state will be key issues of discussion, Korea’s nuclear tests, and relations of neighbouring countries states and what could be the joint efforts to tackle these issues. 09 - 12 Download Paper